A royal overreaction by the British media

It was interesting to read the article by Jim Waterson (Death of Elizabeth II leaves BBC with tricky balancing act, 9 September), but I was surprised that nobody at the Guardian saw the irony of the article being placed on page 25 of its own continuous coverage. The reaction of media organisations has been out of all proportion and causes those of us who thought we lived in a modern liberal democracy to despair.
Simon Gibbons

Please, Guardian, give due honour to our late Queen, but don’t join the hysteria and infantilism of the rest of the UK media. We do not need to know who will look after Her Majesty’s corgis. We need to know who will look after refugees following the appointment of Suella Braverman, and who will look after the poor after the appointment of Liz Truss.
John Hambley
Snape, Suffolk

What a shame that the Last Night of the Proms has been cancelled. I’m sure that the programme could have been edited to turn the event into a huge musical tribute. Imagine all those prommers celebrating a life well lived.
Judith Collin
Yate, Gloucestershire

Isn’t now the time to have a discussion about republicanism?
Tony Cima
Winstone, Gloucestershire

It has been blissful to listen to Radio 3’s A Sequence of Music since the death of the Queen. Beautiful classical music introduced briefly, no chit-chat and no repetitive programme trailers. Just like the Radio 3 of old.
Martin Hickey
Castle Acre, Norfolk

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