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Australian federal election 2022: Labor seeks court injunction to remove ‘fake’ election signs, as Morrison and Albanese campaign on polling day | Australian election 2022

Not much of a queue, but a stand selling homemade jam, in central Victoria.

Someone really should have brought a basketball.

It also appears one option has already sold out!

The Melbourne journalist Margaret Simons has gone gonzo (kind of): she tested positive for Covid-19 this morning, so had to use the Australian Electoral Commission telephone voting system.

The AEC scrambled to change the criteria for telephone voting this week, after it was criticised for limiting eligibility to those who tested positive prior to 6pm on 13 May. But Simons posted that the whole process had ran rather smoothly for her today:

I just voted! The rego number arrived just after last tweet, so only about five minutes wait. No queue when I rang and the person on the other end was great. Well done @AusElectoralCom

— MargaretSimons (@MargaretSimons) May 20, 2022

This story from Mostafa Rachwani on first time voters is lovely.

Josh Butler

Anthony Albanese has pressed the flesh at a polling station in Higgins, meeting voters (and a bunch of dogs) in the Victorian marginal Liberal seat that Labor wants to win.

Arriving shortly after polls opened, the Labor leader was swamped by volunteers and voters for photos and handshakes. He and Labor candidate Michelle Ananda-Rajah met a cavoodle called Bismarck wearing a Labor button, a black greyhound in a red jacket, and dozens of Labor supporters chanting “ALBO, ALBO”.

Albanese worked the queue of voters, picking out parents and kids to talk to. He high-fived a young girl whose mum said she was “voting for the future” on issues like climate change.

A Liberal Democrats volunteer greeted him at the gate, as he told her “good on you for participating in our democracy”. Liberal party volunteers brandishing signs for Higgins incumbent Katie Allen yelled “what’s the unemployment rate?”

Just as he left, a Liberal-shirted man ran across the road with a Bluetooth speaker, pumping the dance remix of the “hole in your bucket” song and dancing as Albanese’s car took off.

Anthony Albanese arrived at a polling station in Higgins, meeting voters (and a bunch of dogs)

Just as he left, a Liberal-shirted man ran across the road with a Bluetooth speaker, pumping the dance remix of the “hole in your bucket” song and dancing as Albanese’s car took off

— Josh Butler (@JoshButler) May 20, 2022

Albanese didn’t take in a democracy sausage though – maybe holding off until he gets back to Sydney later today, where he’s expected to vote.

Earlier, both Scott Morrison and Albanese revealed their sausage sandwich preferences on Today.

The Labor leader has been on a health kick and says he’s off bread, but “sometimes I have double sausage … you get more sausage than bread”. He added that he garnished his sausage with onions and BBQ sauce.

Morrison simply said he took his with tomato sauce.

Scott Morrison has changed his morning schedule at the last minute, and will no longer be visiting the key seat of Chisholm, in Melbourne’s east.

He is instead heading for his electorate of Cook, in Sydney’s south, where he will cast his vote this afternoon.

The Liberal’s Gladys Liu holds Chisholm by a sliver of votes, with the margin 0.5%. You can read more about the electorate in this great profile here.

I think these shots were only taken last election night? It’s been a rough three years, what with the pandemic and all.

Nick Evershed has done wonderful work this campaign. In the latest and possibly last instalment of his pork-o-meter reporting, he reveals that my beloved Victoria has been short-changed in election commitments.

Victoria has an absolutely huge “underspend” for campaign promises compared to its population share. The state is home to 25% of the Aus population yet the Coalition has only pledged 9.4% of its election spending there, while Labor has promised just 4.3%

— Nick Evershed (@NickEvershed) May 20, 2022

Labor seeks court injunction to remove ‘fake’ election signs

The ALP will seek a federal court injunction this morning to authorise the removal of election signs posted in the key Victorian seat of Higgins, a campaign spokesperson has confirmed.

The signs, which resemble official Greens election material, urge voters to put Labor last – despite the Greens recommending a vote for the ALP ahead of the Coalition on how-to-vote cards across the country.

The Labor spokesperson said printed material with similar messaging had also been distributed in the marginal seat of McEwen and in Hawke. The injunction application will also relate to this material.

The Greens also spoke out about the signs last night, urging voters on Twitter not to “fall for the Libs’ desperate tricks”. It said the material had been reported to the Australian Electoral Commission and police.

LIES BUSTED: the Libs are trying to put up fake signs in Higgins. Already reported to AEC & police.

Don’t fall for the Libs’ desperate tricks. Our How to Votes say Vote 1 Greens & preference climate indies & Labor ahead of Libs.

Our actual how to vote:

— Australian Greens (@Greens) May 20, 2022

The Liberals campaign has been contacted for comment.

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