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Chelsea must improve consistency to compete with Man City and Liverpool — Tuchel

Thomas Tuchel has urged his Chelsea players to improve their consistency next season if they are to compete with Manchester City and Liverpool.

Chelsea, who face Liverpool in the FA Cup final at Wembley on Saturday, are 16 points behind second-placed Liverpool and 19 points behind Premier League leaders Manchester City.

Tuchel believes multiple factors have played a role in Chelsea failing to compete for the title with injuries and COVID affecting his side’s season.

When asked if winning the FA Cup would make up for failing to compete for the league title, Tuchel replied: “Big time. I have to say it would make up for it big time. It’s like we were not close and then suddenly there is a bang and then one day later there is a gap and the gap opens over a period of time.

“It comes along with putting it into perspective like why are we losing points? Why are we struggling? There are reasons for it. We are not happy about it and we clearly have to step up in consistency and in parts of our game. It is our responsibility to be closer to Liverpool and Manchester City.

“We have struggled with long-term injuries, injuries to key players and the COVID situation. The other two teams didn’t struggle so much and then we also have to put it into perspective that we are fighting maybe the best two teams to ever play in the Premier League in terms of consistency.

“So if you put it into perspective there is no need for disappointment or for too much doubt in general. I think we can trust in the process and we can trust in us. Of course there was also the situation with the sanctions that were also never done before and has its influences.

“Now we have to keep up because both teams are improving their squads and both have a stable environment. In our situation we try to keep the pace up to put the pressure on from early next season. You have no time for disappointment and to analyse the season. If you have a look at our schedule it was crazy, crazy, crazy. You dig in and fight.

“We are in the top three, we are in two domestic finals, we were in the Super Cup and Club World Cup finals. We came from ninth place when we stepped in and then we made it to the top four. There is progression and it can never be fast enough.”

Tuchel has won the Champions League, Super Cup and Club World Cup since replacing Frank Lampard in January 2021.

The former Paris Saint-Germain head coach will be hoping to exact revenge on fellow German Jurgen Klopp this weekend as Chelsea were defeated in the League Cup final earlier this year.


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