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Democrats secure breakthrough with Kyrsten Sinema on climate bill | US news

Senate Democratic leaders say they have reached an agreement on the party’s major climate and economic bill with Kyrsten Sinema – the centrist Democrat whose opposition remained a major hurdle to passing the most ambitious US climate legislation yet.

The news clears the way to move the measure through the chamber in coming days.

Sinema, the Arizona senator seen as the pivotal vote, said in a statement that she had agreed to eleventh-hour changes in the measure’s tax and energy provisions and was ready to “move forward” on the bill.

Securing Sinema’s support was pivotal for Democrats after Joe Manchin, the centrist Democrat senator from West Virginia famed for thwarting his own party’s climate goals, surprised Washington last week by backing the plan.

The Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer said on Thursday that lawmakers had achieved a compromise “that I believe will receive the support” of all Democrats in the chamber.

Backing from all 50 Democratic senators will be needed to pass any legislation in the evenly-divided Senate given the party’s narrow majority and Republican resistance to acting on the climate crisis.

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