Houseplant of the week: moth orchid

Why will I love it?
The moth orchid (Phalaenopsis grandiflorum ‘White’) can bloom at any time of the year and for months at a time, which makes it a perfect gift for others … or yourself.

Light or shade?
Bright indirect light.

Where should I put it?
The kitchen is usually a central hub of the house and bright, warm and humid, so a windowsill beside the sink makes the perfect place for this flowering beauty.

How do I keep it alive?
This is a tropical plant, so thrives in a warm, humid environment and does not tolerate temperatures below 15C. It will need frequent misting or to be in a room with high humidity, such as the kitchen or bathroom. You can help to keep the humidity up by setting the pot on a tray of wet pebbles. Water little and often to keep the compost moist, but don’t let it get too wet or the roots will rot. Avoid direct bright light, as this will turn the leaves brown.

Did you know …
Phalaenopsis orchids are known as moth orchids because they look like moths in flight. Their botanical genus name, Phalaenopsis, is derived from Phalaena, the genus that includes most moths.

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