How can Celtics improve their offense? An Xs and Os look with an NBA analyst – The Athletic

The Celtics offense has played better lately.

Over a current three-game winning streak, Boston has scored 116.3 points per 100 possessions for an offensive efficiency that would lead the NBA over the entire season. With Jaylen Brown and Robert Williams back after extended absences and Jayson Tatum’s shooting percentages beginning to rise to sea level, there is reason to believe the Celtics could start building upon their recent success at that end of the court.

Still, over 18 games of the Ime Udoka era – nearly one-quarter of the regular season – Boston’s offense has clearly lagged behind its defense. For a discussion of what has worked, what needs to improve and what Udoka is trying to accomplish, I brought former Spurs and Clippers video coordinator Mo Dakhil onto the “Anything is Poddable” podcast. Here’s our discussion. It has been edited for length, clarity and grammar.

King: Through 18 games, the stats haven’t always been pretty for the Celtics offense, which ranks 17th in offensive efficiency. I know you studied up on the team for this podcast. I know you study the league as much as anyone. Let’s start off with a super broad question, so you can take it wherever you want. What are your initial thoughts while watching this offense?

Dakhil: I see a ton of 1-on-1 basketball. And I think that’s pretty obvious for everybody who watches them.

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