Johnny Davis has arrived. Here’s how he got here – The Athletic

LAS VEGAS — Johnny Davis, cupping the 2021 Maui Invitational MVP trophy, and his twin brother, Jordan Davis, both look up with mirroring faces of contorted confusion. They’re listening along to a list growing longer and longer. Something like this …

“OK, so, starting in 1985, you went from the CBA, to Belgium, back to the CBA, then a stint in the NBA, then back to the CBA, then to Spain, then Italy, then back to the CBA, then Rome, and Japan, and Argentina, and Switzerland, and then, in the end, back to the CBA. Does that sound about right?”

Mark Davis, the boys’ father, nods along to a full recounting of his entire 14-year career in professional basketball.

“Goddamn, bruh,” Johnny says. “You was all over the world.”

Jordan says he’s seen his dad’s old stamp-filled passport before, “but I didn’t know all that.” 

In all those years, and for all that work, Mark Davis got a total of 33 games in the NBA. It was during the 1988-89 season. He made 31 appearances with the Milwaukee Bucks, getting some playing time alongside Terry Cummings, Larry Krystkowiak and Sidney Moncrief, and he appeared in two games later that season with the Phoenix Suns, having a cup of coffee early in the franchise’s Kevin Johnson-Dan Majerle era.

Mark Davis stuck it out for the next decade, playing in the farthest corners of the world because of, he says, “the love of the game,” but maybe more so because he couldn’t give up on chasing the NBA dream. He didn’t accept that he couldn’t get back to the league.

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