Lionesses are an inspiration to us nine-year-old footballers

We are nine-year-olds and we play football. We play with the boys, and at first they ignored us, but now they let us join in because we showed them that we are as good as they are. We are hoping that when we go to secondary school there will be a girls’ team. The Lionesses are such an inspiration and they did amazingly in the Euros.
Chloe and Amelia Halliday

I’m sure that civil servants up and down this levelled up country will have been hugely relieved to hear from Liz Truss that “there was never any intention to affect [the pay of] teachers and nurses” (Report, 2 August). It was only civil servants who were being lined up for a kicking. Phew! Time to party with this year’s 2% pay increase.
Sarah Morrall

The Tory candidates should promise to keep dodgy policies in place for at least five days – otherwise it’s impossible to get a really witty letter mocking them published in the Guardian.
Peter Brooker
West Wickham, London

I’m pleased to hear that the Conservative party has delayed sending out ballot papers to avoid having an unrepresentative minority hijacking the democratic process and imposing an illegitimate leader on the country (Report, 2 August).
Dr Michael Paraskos

I remember that in the 1960s, chippies in Manchester were not allowed to sell chips on Sundays. Instead, they did a roaring trade in scallops (Letters, 1 August).
Dr Quentin Burrell
Ballabeg, Isle of Man

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