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Oklahoma State reversed Bedlam history; now it’s the relentless Playoff contender hiding in plain sight – The Athletic

STILLWATER, Okla. — This is how it was supposed to end. Caleb Williams was going to do the thing he’d done several times this season. He was going to run away from everybody.

Oklahoma’s freshman quarterback picked up a bad snap, dropped back behind the 10-yard line and avoided an oncoming rusher. He scrambled into wide open space. As he faked out a defender and sprinted past the 50-yard line, it was time to assume the absolute worst for Oklahoma State.

Here was just one more painful memory in progress of another Bedlam gone bad, another Sooner delivering heroics and breaking hearts.

Except this time was different.

Christian Holmes took the right angle. The cornerback cut the QB off, shoving him out of bounds to halt a 56-yard run. On the next snap, Tanner McCalister was right there to break up a game-winning catch. And then Williams forced and missed on two more passes. On fourth-and-10, with 14 seconds left, we arrived at the rightful ending.

The word that describes the play, the night and the season for Oklahoma State’s defense is relentless. Collin Oliver, the Cowboys’ talented freshman pass rusher, had been shoved down onto the turf at Boone Pickens Stadium. But he was so close, a mere two yards behind Williams. So he crawled and he reached and he grabbed hold of a right shoe. That extra effort was all it took.

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