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Paris-Berlin high-speed train set to be launched next year

French rail operator SNCF has said it hopes to launch a Paris-Berlin high-speed service next year with Germany’s Deutsche Bahn to tap into a perceived willingness by passengers to take longer train trips.

SNCF chief, Jean-Pierre Farandou, said they hoped to begin offering one trip a day between the French and German capitals in December 2023.

Several years ago, they did not think travellers would be willing to take a rail journey lasting up to seven hours, but that was changing, he said.

“Together with our German colleagues we’re going to take a chance and launch this train,” said Farandou.

Both SNCF and Deutsche Bahn offer high-speed train services between Paris and Frankfurt, but for the moment you need to change to get to Berlin.

Travelling by high-speed rail results in considerably fewer emissions than by air.

Rail operators are also reviving night trains to lure travellers seeking to reduce the carbon imprint of their long-distance travel.

A Paris-Berlin night service is also expected to resume next year.

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