Trevor Noah on Europe’s drought: ‘It puts people like Moses out of a job’

Trevor Noah discussed the droughts in Europe at a time when Las Vegas has been experiencing flooding and experts predict Los Angeles may be facing a megaflood.

The Daily Show host said that Joe Biden’s new, unprecedented climate crisis bill will do a great number of things, including changing “the name of summer to extra spring” to try to fool Mother Nature.

“Every day we are seeing what the world looks like if climate change gets out of hand,” he said before showing footage of Las Vegas’s wettest monsoon season for a decade. Noah joked that the many bodies buried by local mobsters are “about to come floating back to life”.

Rivers are running so low in Europe that “hunger stones” have been revealed? Is no one else freaking out?!

— The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) August 17, 2022

This week has also seen experts discuss the increased likelihood of a catastrophic megaflood hitting California. “We can’t lose Los Angeles, that’s where we keep all of our hot people,” Noah said.

But things aren’t doing very well over in Europe he added, for a different yet related reason. “If you’re thinking, ‘Who cares if America is underwater, I’ll just move to Europe,’ well you might have guessed but you’re gonna miss the wet when you get there,” he said.

There have been major droughts in some European countries and the impact has led to “hunger stones” being resurfaced, rocks carved centuries ago to give future generations a warning of impending famine. A news report showed that one particularly alarming one from the early 1600s reads: if you can see me, weep

“Right now Europe’s drought is so bad you can walk across some rivers, which isn’t just bad for the environment or the economy, it also puts people like Moses out of a job,” he said.

Noah also said the hunger stone “freaked” him out. “That’s dramatic,” he continued. “I didn’t even know they had emo in the 1600s.”

He added: “At the same time though, you’ve got to wonder about the type of person who decided to make these stones” as “the whole population was starving” someone said: “Gimme a hammer and a chisel, I’m gonna write a warning for people 500 years from now.”

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