Jimmy or Trey? Trey or Jimmy?

Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers wanted nothing more than to avoid a quarterback controversy in 2021, but five games into the season, we’re already there when it comes to the fanbase.

The 49ers thought they could keep the Trey Lance or Jimmy Garoppolo debate to a murmur if they were hot to start the season. They’re not. They’re a two-win team heading into their Week 6 bye and already are in last place of a competitive division.

This means an abundance of Jimmy-or-Trey questions (with a few others about the oddly performing rookie class). Thank you for all the submissions, which as usual have been lightly edited for context and spelling.

On the pod, you and David Lombardi speculated that some of the blame for the holds on Sunday could be because the O-line isn’t used to going into scramble drills. How does that get cleaned up if Lance isn’t taking starting reps in games or practice so they’re ready next time? — Danny J.

I think it has more to do with Lance holding onto the ball too long/not seeing the play develop quickly enough. NextGen Stats has a statistic that measures the average amount of time elapsed from snap to throw on each pass attempt. Lance’s 3.12-second score is the slowest of any quarterback in the league this season. Pro Football Focus uses a similar stat, and it agrees that Lance has been the most sluggish of any passer with a significant number of snaps.

Notable: Fellow rookies Zach Wilson (

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