TV tonight: confusion reigns in Steve Coogan and Sarah Solemani’s Chivalry


10pm, Channel 4

This well-intentioned but confused comedy-drama set in Hollywood after #MeToo reaches its conclusion. After a shambolic Q&A at the screening of A Little Death, Bobby (Sarah Solemani) and Cameron (Steve Coogan) reassess their careers in the industry – Bobby, in particular, needs to decide whether to return to the UK or stay in Los Angeles. An unexpected romcom storyline adds to the confusion. Hollie Richardson

Art That Made Us

9pm, BBC Two

In the penultimate episode of this surprise hit culture series, we have reached the point in history when two world wars will “change British art for ever”. It traces William Orpen’s subversive protest painting, To the Unknown British Soldier in France, and explores how Barbara Hepworth tried to make sense of war through sculptures. HR


9pm, Channel 4

Greg Davies and Alex Horne
Game of thrones … Greg Davies and Alex Horne in Taskmaster. Photograph: Channel 4

The only threat to the future of the consistently excellent task-based panel show is it running out of comedians to take part. For now, Judi Love continues to scale heights of delicious bluffness, Sophie Duker develops a delightfully mean antipathy towards Alex Horne, and Chris Ramsey weaponises sausages. Alexi Duggins


9pm, BBC Three

There is lots to love about the banterous brickies and, as they reach the end of the series, the pressure is on to finish a community social club in Stoke-on-Trent. Jeorgia, the star of the site, has to move on to another job, leaving Kuda and Lucas disappointed. As Kuda puts in an offer on a house, he opens up about his tough past. Hannah Verdier

The Staircase

9pm, Sky Atlantic

It is 2004, the court has delivered its verdict about Michael Peterson’s guilt and it is wreaking havoc on his family. Colin Firth and Toni Collette’s nuanced performances as the couple at the heart of this dramatisation have been much lauded so far – and we expect the praise to continue. HR

Rob & Romesh vs Restaurants: Second Course

9pm, Sky Max

Contrived comedy challenges are everywhere these days, but this one is above par. Beckett and Ranganathan justifiably spend half their time in fits as they prepare to open a “hip-hop curry house”. The laughter subsides when reality hits and 50 customers – including Jay Rayner and Grace Dent – turn up. Jack Seale

Film choice

Tom Cruise in American Made
Giving Top Gun a run for its money … Tom Cruise in American Made. Photograph: Imagine Entertainment/Allstar

American Made (Doug Liman, 2017), 9pm, Film4
With Top Gun: Maverick blasting into cinemas soon, this is the perfect opportunity to revisit Tom Cruise’s practice run. Doug Liman’s 2017 action comedy is – by Cruise standards, at least – relatively low stakes. Cruise plays Barry Seal, a pilot who in real life became a drug runner for the Medellín Cartel. As refreshing as it is to see Cruise indulge in proper character work (rather than simply playing another heroic cypher) and as zippy as the script is, the big appeal of American Made is the aerial photography. Were it not deliberately overshadowed by the Top Gun series, this would rightly be remembered as one of the all-time-great plane films. Stuart Heritage

Live sport

PGA Championship golf, 1pm, Sky Sports Main Event
Live coverage of day one of the second major of the year, held at Southern Hills, Oklahoma. Will Phil Mickelson retain his title? Finishes on Sunday.

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