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UK weather: Met Office warns of fire risk with extreme heat warning in place for England and Wales – live | Extreme weather

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Which areas are officially experiencing a drought?

The Environment Agency has moved into drought in eight of its 14 areas:

Documents seen by the Guardian show the Environment Agency expects a further two areas will move into drought later in August. These are Yorkshire and West Midlands.

The group met earlier this summer to discuss the lack of rainfall and decided to put the country in “prolonged dry weather status”, the first of four emergency dry weather stages, and one step before drought. Now, the country has been tipped into that second stage.

This means water rationing may take place across the country, with fewer barriers for water companies who wish to ban customers from using hosepipes and washing the car with tap water. More severe measures can also be put in place at this stage, including banning the use of sprinklers the cleaning of buildings, vehicles and windows.

Extreme heat warning in place for England and Wales

Good morning. Drought was officially declared across large parts of England yesterday and and Met Office’s ‘extreme heat’ warning remains in place for much of England and Wales.

With temperatures expected at around 34C in some parts of the country, the Met Office is warning of an increased risks of fires as well as adverse impacts on health for both vulnerable people and the wider population.

It adds that “some delays to road, rail and air travel are possible, with potential for welfare issues for those who experience prolonged delays”.

While the amber heat warning remains in place until the end of Sunday, other parts of the UK could experience intense thunderstorms and possible flooding when it ends.

The Met office said the yellow storm warnings will begin in Scotland and Northern Ireland on Sunday afternoon and spread to England and Wales on Monday.

Forecasters said the storms were likely to be isolated and intense bringing 50mm of rain in some places and the possibility of hail and frequent lightning.

We’ll bring you the latest updates on this story throughout the day.

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