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‘We just have to see what the future holds’ – The Athletic

ASHBURN, Va — Terry McLaurin knows there’s a significant decision looming. Many within the ever-dwindling Washington Football Team fan base are freaked out accordingly.

The electric wide receiver and two-time team captain is eligible for a contract extension this offseason. Now that his third season is over, negotiations can begin immediately. The fear: What if McLaurin, arguably Washington’s best player, decides to wait and enter unrestricted free agency in 2023?

“I wouldn’t say (extension buzz is) necessarily weird, because it’s like, I’m going into my fourth year,” McLaurin said Monday during a phone conversation with The Athletic. “So it’s obviously a possible question, but I’m under contract for another year. So I don’t think — as long as everybody wants me back, I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere, as of next year.”

This is where those keenly aware of the franchise’s sordid struggles, the inability to land a steady hand at quarterback, and the lack of a winning record since drafting McLaurin in the third round of the 2019 NFL Draft start panicking. Why would he want to stay?

That’s why head coach Ron Rivera’s comments last week raised eyebrows locally and around the league.

Asked during Friday’s news conference about opening negotiations this offseason, Washington’s main football voice did not enthusiastically say yes or just whip out bags of money.

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