What links Jim Morrison and Agamemnon? The Saturday quiz

1 Which woman was made first secretary of state in 1968?
2 Which country is the world’s biggest oil producer?
3 What does the Kármán line define?
4 Vectis was a Roman name for which island?
5 What line precedes “Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring”?
6 Which re-enactment society is named after supporters of Charles II?
7 Who choreographed Copland’s Appalachian Spring?
8 What are Czech hedgehogs designed to stop?
What links:
9 Burt Bacharach; Berwick Street, Soho; Rolls-Royce in a swimming pool?
10 Red panda; musical drama; alloy of Cr; wildlife-based holiday?
11 Uttarakhand; Jharkhand; Chhattisgarh?
12 Moviola; KEM flatbed; Avid; Final Cut Pro?
13 New Orleans; Ligny; Quatre Bras; Waterloo?
14 Syrian or golden; Chinese; Campbell’s dwarf; Roborovski dwarf?
15 Minos; Agamemnon; Jean-Paul Marat; Jim Morrison?

Close up of red panda face
Red panda clue cracked? Photograph: Aaronchengtp Photography/Getty Images

The answers

1 Barbara Castle.
2 US.
3 Boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space.
4 Isle of Wight.
5 A little learning is a dangerous thing (Alexander Pope poem).
6 The Sealed Knot.
7 Martha Graham.
8 Tanks.
9 On covers of Oasis albums: Definitely Maybe; (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?; Be Here Now.
10 Web browsers: Firefox (nickname); Opera; Chrome; Safari.
11 Indian states (all created in 2000).
12 Film editing systems.
13 Battles in 1815.
14 Hamster species.
15 Died in the bath (allegedly).

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